birthday parties

A Jungle Juniors party will be a party that your child remembers for years! 

Perfect for children 4years+, our interactive parties allow the children to touch and handle a range of interesting animals, whilst also learning some fascinating facts!

A standard party is 1 hour although this can be extended to a max of 2 hours.

(For children under 4years, we offer 30minute parties)

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school and nursery visits

Jungle Juniors offer interactive school and nursery visits for children of all ages (pre-school-secondry) adapting the educational aspect depending on age etc. The children will learn about animals they're not likely to have seen before, as well as others they will be more familiar with.

The children will learn about where each animal originates from, its natural habitat, behaviour and diet! 

If the children are comfortable they are then given the opportunity to touch and handle the animals with one on one supervision and guidance.


Special events, media work and open days

Dependant on weather, we are able to attend fetes, open days and other special events, with a selection of the animals.